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My name is Zoe Ann (everybody calls me Zoe), and yes I do all the baking for my company, Zoe Ann's Cheesecakes.

People  often ask me what made me want to start this business. For me, the  answer is simple. I wanted to provide a product that tasted really  good...a product that would make people happy.

This is a time  when we are trying to watch what we eat to stay healthy. This is great,  but we all know there are those times when we deserve to splurge. When  that time comes, you want to have a treat that's worth it. That is why I  do not cut corners on flavors. I use Philadelphia brand cream cheese,  butter, fresh heavy cream, nuts, liqueurs, fresh fruit and pure  extracts. These ingredients cost more, but that is why our cheesecakes  taste the way they do.

For instance, in our Coconut Cream  cheesecake, we crack fresh coconuts, and use macadamia nuts in the  crust. (Well, okay, I don't personally crack the coconuts, my husband  does that!) Our cheesecakes might seem a bit pricey, but when you  consider the ingredients and labor involved in each and every flavor we  offer, they are actually a good deal. Our cheesecakes are rich, creamy,  and very satisfying. They are baked in small batches to ensure quality. I  truly mean it when I use the phrase, quality over quantity, to describe  my baking and business philosophy.

For those of you who have  enjoyed our cheesecake and continue to support us, thank you so much.  For those of you who have yet to enter the world of 

Zoe Ann's  Cheesecakes...you are so in for a REAL treat!

~ Zoe    

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